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  1. Authenticate with your personal Domain Name
  2. Submit article url using command line
  3. Get featured on Hacker Thought and acquire new readers directly to your website

We have created Hacker Thought to empower independent tech blogging. This platform embraces external content and allows people to easily discover the articles that you create and publish on your personal website.

We believe in the ideas of decentralization and privacy. For this reason Hacker Thought submissions are implemented in a loginless way. You only need to prove your domain ownership identity. After that you can submit links to your articles in a longinless way by using command line.

How to authenticate with DNS

You have to perform this step only once. After you complete authentication process you will be able to publish URLs to your article in a very easy and efficient manner.

In order to be authenticated with Domain Name and submit a URL you have to generate RSA key pair and specify location of your public RSA key by adding TXT DNS record to a domain that you own.

To make the process easier you can use decentus npm library for key generation. (nodejs v10.12 or later required)

$ npm install -g decentus
$ mkdir ~/.decentus
$ cd ~/.decentus
$ decentus generate-keys

This command will generate two files: id_rsa and id_rsa.pub.

Before you can start submitting links you have to upload id_rsa.pub to some public server and specify TXT record pointing to URL of your public key in your domain configuration panel. Here is the syntax how the TXT record should look like:


Keep in mind that DNS records take time to sync accross servers. After you finish setting up the DNS config you can start submitting URLs to Hacker Thought!

How to submit a URL

You can do this via command-line by using decentus command post-url and specifying your domain name, location of private key file and the URL you want to submit:

$ decentus post-url your-own-domain.com ~/.decentus/id_rsa http://news-story.com/article

After this step the link to your artilce will be published on Hacker Thought. Make sure that your article has cover image, title and description metadata tags because that is the content that is going to appear in your article information card.